Hope Lives Foundation



Sedentary, or inactive behavior, has become a public health problem. Couple that with a lack of proper nutrition, and our body can become the perfect environment for cancer development. Additionally, for today’s young adults, technology continues to provide a growing number of ways for kids to remain idle. Whether excessively watching television, kicking back to play a video game or cruising the internet, many kids’ sluggish tendencies are setting them up for health problems in the future, including cancer. 

But there is a simple solution to reduce this risk. In fact, Harvard Health Publications says that people who are committed to a healthy lifestyle, including regular physical activity, can greatly reduce their odds of developing a malignancy.

Compared to their inactive counterparts, those who exercise regularly are:*
• 30 to 40 percent less likely to develop colon cancer;
• Up to 80 percent less likely to develop breast cancer;
• Nearly 20 percent less likely to develop lung cancer;
• Between 20 and 40 percent less likely to develop endometrial cancer.

That’s why the Hope Lives Foundation works together with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater La Crosse to pay club dues for at risk children through the Adopt-a-Child program. We also provide funding for children to participate in club programs that promote physical activity and healthy habits.

We are proud to be collaborating with many other organizations in the La Crosse area such as:
Gundersen Health System
Mayo Health System
The Y
Audra’s Animals
Western Technical College